Back at the turn of the millenium, when we were but young lads starting high school, Millionaire: Low Budget Edition happened. Ever since, the tutorial on how to repeat our success has seen steady traffic, as has the free software.

The software download will not be useful to many people anymore. It requires Visual Basic 6 and Windows XP (or 98). If you use a more modern version of Windows you must either figure out how to 'transplant' the classic Media Player controls or replace them with a modern alternative. Either way, you'll need some VB programming skills. Also, to get maximum use of it, a video card with video capture and video output are needed. This project is 'archived' and will not be supported. It is distributed as freeware (as in beer) but not as 'free software' (ie. libre). You are free to use and change it, but not re-distribute without permission.
Download the code

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See how to build the DIY lighting board



2001: Here's Brendan in his natural habitat. For this very-first show we actually used TWO computers, one for music and one for graphics. Brendan's left hand went to a keyboard running graphics, and right hand to the PC in the corner that had Winamp on it. It had an Explorer window open and music cues were literally started by ARROW-ARROW-ENTERing the Mp3s in tandem with the graphics. How angles ever got switched with either of those hands is a bit of a mystery. The large TV served as a preview monitor for one of the cameras. One of the Commodore monitors served as a program monitor and was connected to the recording VCR (behind the white power bar). Note the light dimmer in the foreground, operated by someone else backstage. In the background is Lee (as Regis) on set, waiting for the action to start. Also a coffee maker.

The second show, the following year, matched the configuration in the diagram.